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AUT City Campus

Auckland University of Technology – People Counting Gold

In October Corrie Cook, Director of Space Planning and Timetabling and Blair Daly, Associate Director of Space Planning and Timetabling, presented an on-line case study, to the Tertiary Education Management Online 2021 Conference, covering their experience of identifying and resolving the problem of efficient usage of the 300 teaching spaces in multiple venues at their University.  Click here to watch the presentation.


The Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Facilities Team identified the need to effectively manage and optimise the range of university facilities across all locations and campuses. To achieve this, they needed a practical real time system to monitor changes in student attendance and analytics that would facilitate results comparisons against current and historical data.

Cohera-Tech’s experience in this field is extensive, with similar installations and data analytics programs having been installed in many major universities in Australia, which made them a natural first choice for the program.


AUT has been a university for 20 years , but a place of learning for 120 years. It is New Zealand’s second largest university in terms of student enrolment with approximately 29,000 students enrolled across five faculties and is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide by Times Higher Education. The university has three campuses in Auckland and an additional two specialist locations - AUT Millennium, Warkworth Radio Astronomical Observatory.

Presentation Summary

In their presentation Corrie and Blair have covered the difficulties encountered with other faculty members and academics, holding different views and varied solutions and their commitment to the status quo.

Corrie and Blair detail the process they used to overcome objections to “people counting”, how they tested the concept and obtained budgets for the equipment and software system and expenditure justifications used in their proposals.

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AUT Nga Wai Hono Building, Auckland     Source: Jason Mann photography

They cover their experience in installing the sensors and the development of the reporting / analytics software for their particular data requirements. They also reveal why they chose the Cohera-Tech system rather than other options.

AUT Mana Hauora Building

AUT Mana Hauora Building, Auckland     Source: Jason Mann Photography

They address the benefits that have emerged from accurate people counting in terms of both, return on investment and on real cost / efficiency gains experience from the better management of the assets under their control. Summed up by the statement “We told you so!”

They summarise with a look to the future, through the installation of other people counting systems in other areas of the university and the likely gains, now that the system has proved effective and cost saving.
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Winston Hills Mall

Winston Hills Mall

People Counting Solution at Winston Hills Mall , NSW

Located in Sydney's Hills District, Winston Hills Mall has over 60 specialty shops and 24,000sm of retail floor space. Winston Hills Mall centre management approached Cohera-Tech for a cost effective and easy to use reporting solution to help measure mall performance by monitoring visitor traffic and centre occupancy.

We installed multiple overhead people counters at all entry/exit points throughout the centre using 4G connectivity to send count data to our cloud-hosted reporting system. This resulted in quick and low cost deployment, reducing the need for additional cabling throughout the mall.

Our cloud-based reporting system allows centre management to access and analyse data 24/7 from any internet connected device. The system features customisable dashboards and reports in both tabular and graphical formats, enabling centre staff to obtain a quick snapshot of mall performance indicators and generate key performance reports on the fly. Reports can also be downloaded in various formats at the touch of a button for further analysis or communication to stakeholders.

Nicole Galea, Marketing Manager at Winston Hills Mall explains the benefits of the Cohera-Tech system:

We are very pleased with our new people counting system from Cohera-Tech. This system enables us to monitor the mall occupancy level in real-time, identify popular times of day, and compare daily, weekly and monthly data. The interface is easy to use and the people counters themselves are discreet and the installation process was stress free. One of the most useful features we enjoy using is the traffic heat map - this graphically identifies the most popular mall entry points at various times of the day on the centre map. This helps us to provide detailed information to our tenants and allows us to effectively manage the day-to-day operations of the shopping centre.

At Cohera-Tech, we offer the most advanced, accurate and reliable people counting devices in the market with a typical count accuracy in excess of 99%. Combined with market leading real-time analytics and reporting software, our people counting solution provides shopping centre management and retailers with the necessary tools to effectively monitor centre performance.

Aquapulse Aquatic Center

Wyndham Aquapulse

Wyndham 'Aquapulse' Leisure Centre in Victoria

The Wyndham City Council is the Local Government Authority in the Werribee and surrounding areas, managing a large number of publicly owned assets and being responsible for their effectiveness and value to the community. 

The Wyndham City Council area covers 542 square kilometers on the western fringe of Melbourne, with Werribee and Hoppers Crossing the principle areas of population. 

Wyndham has the fastest population growth of local government areas Australia wide, with an additional 10,604 persons from 2013 to 2014. The total estimated population is 199,714.

Counting the numbers of people and visitors who make use of Council assets and analysing and reporting on these results is an important part of the job of the Council’s Executive Team. 

Of particular interest to the Council, is the number of people visiting fitness facilities like the “Aquapulse” Leisure Centre in Werribee.

Western Leisure Services who manage the “Aquapulse” facility were tasked with the installation of counting systems and the provision of reporting systems to provide Wyndham Council with ongoing information on the usage of the centre by residents.

Operations Manager of the Aquapulse Centre, Alek Olszewski identified the critical features required for their counting system as:

  • 1
    Counting Accuracy
  • 2
    Separate counts for adults and children
  • 3
    Maintaining venue population counts
  • 4
    Real-time counts being delivered to selected staff via their smart phones and tablets.
  • 5
    Automated venue capacity “alerts” for preset levels

Like many other progressive City and Shire Councils they found that the Cohera-Tech system provided the data and reporting information required. 

 Cohera-Tech, based in Brisbane, use high quality video sensors linked with cloud based reporting and analysis systems / software. 

These are linked to staff tablets and smart phones to provide realtime reporting on the number of people and visitors coming to the venue and the occupation levels, during the times the venue / pool are open. 

They also provide a report on the number of people in the venue at any point during the day, allowing staff to be rostered for peak times and safety considerations, like swimming pool capacity, to be addressed with automated “alert” messages to responsible staff.

mobile phones with charts

Sensors were installed at

  • The main entry to the centre
  • Pool hall entry
  • Members entry
  • Group entry (Special side entry for groups of school children into pool area)


  • The Cohera-Tech counting system has proved to be an accurate and effective way of monitoring visitor numbers and of tracking them once in the facility.
  • This has greatly simplified the reports to the City Council, allowing them to see the level of usage of the Aquapulse Centre and its value as a resource for residents. The pool occupancy alerts have been set to send an initial warning to staff when they are within 150 of maximum capacity and a no additional swimmers alert when the pool is within 50 of maximum capacity. 
  • The delivery of the alerts to staff smart phones and tablets has proved most effective as the staff responsible are usually working around the centre.
  • Of particular interest has been the discrepancy between the accurate CoheraTech counts and the point of sale data. This has shown some visitors have avoided payment / registration of membership cards. Adjustment to access equipment has now eliminated this problem.
  • One of the major benefits of the Cohera-Tech system has been the capacity to schedule centre staff rosters to meet anticipated visitor numbers based on past data. This will improve as additional data is collected in coming years.

Other Cohera-Tech Leisure Installations

  • Glen Eira Aquatic and Leisure Centre
  • Nowra Aquatic Centre
  • Bomaberry Aquatic Centre
  • Bay and Basin Leisure Centre
  • Sussex Inlet Aquatic Park
  • Ulladulla Leisure Centre
  • Five Dock Leisure Centre
Glen Eire Leisure Center

Smart Aquatic and Leisure Centre

The Glen Eire Sports and Aquatic Centre in Bentleigh East is one of many similar Centres which use the Cohera-Tech counting and real time reporting system to manage the usage of their multiple venues.

Centre visitor numbers are tracked from initial entry at the main entrance and the external gate for groups, through to individual destination venues like the pool, health club, stadium etc. This allows the management team to track the usage of the different facilities by numbers, times of day, weekdays, weekends, holiday periods etc. Eight accurate sensors are deployed throughout the centre providing counts and reports to a guaranteed minimum of 98% accuracy.

Real time reporting from cloud based servers allows venue managers and staff to access visitor numbers and reports on smart phones, tablets and PC’s. An alert system is also active to limit venue numbers, by restricting entry, particularly in the pool area.

Full historical data reports and analytics, including all venue counts is sent to the Centre Manager and selected City Council executives, allowing them to measure the success of the Sports and Aquatic Centre on the basis of actual usage by residents.


The Cohera-Tech system provides separate counts for children and adults and incorporates these into the reports generated as well as comparative data from previous months and years.

Gold Coast Library

People Counting Gold Coast

The Cohera-Tech system of people counting has been installed at 12 branch Libraries within the Gold Coast City Council regional area.

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Tweed Regional Art Gallery

Tweed Regional Art Gallery

Situated in the Tweed Valley at Murwillumbah, the Tweed Regional Gallery features Australian portraits from all eras and the work of numerous regional artists. 

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