Leading businesses are using Cohera-Tech Ltd People Counting Systems to better understand how many potential customers are visiting each location within their organisation. See how people counting systems are being used by others in your industry to deliver the management information needed to make informed decisions and improve the efficiency of their operations. Acting on the information obtained from our systems helps our clients better serve their customers, target their spending on advertising and marketing, enhance the effectiveness of your staff along with improving the facilities they provide.

manager viewing phone report

Real Time Customer Data

How real-time, cloud based, People Counting works
Aquapulse Aquatic Center

Wyndham Aquapulse

Cohera-Tech system provided the data and reporting information required.
Glen Eire Leisure Center

Smart Aquatic and Leisure Center

The Glen Eire Sports and Aquatic Centre
Gold Coast Library

People Counting Gold Coast

People Counting in Gold Coast Libraries
Tweed Regional Art Gallery

Tweed Regional Art Gallery

Helping Tweed Art Gallery Track Attendance