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Real Time Customer Data

How real-time, cloud based, people counting works to deliver immediate management data worldwide!


We are often asked how the Cohera-Tech system actually works and how a prospective visitor can appear as a real-time count on a mobile device only 2 seconds after walking through an entrance.

Seems unbelievable, right?

The diagrams below show a typical Cohera-Tech Network system - linking independent locations to the cloud and directly to your management dashboard (viewed on any device). The system is able to identify children, adults and Family Groups.

Schematic of People Counting System Retail Industry

Typical Retail Network

Local Government People Counting Network

Typical Local Government Network

Sensors Plus Internet

The first stage involves advanced 3D sensors that recognise human visitors / prospective customers with a very high degree of accuracy and don’t count shopping trollies, back-packs, suitcases etc. They also are able to recognise and count adults, children and to identify family groups all separately.

We also have a range of additional sensors designed for a wide variety of counting tasks and in difficult conditions. (Low light, remote location etc.)

The sensors send data to our cloud based servers via either the local network or 4G mobile broadband with internet connection. The Cohera-Tech system has the capacity to handle hundreds of sensors, operating simultaneously, throughout Australia and New Zealand, for each client.

Advanced 3D Sensors

Intelligent People Counters can filter heights accurately

Intelligent 3D mapping of people in room
Child Icon

Advanced Height Filtration enables elimination of children in footfall reports

Parent and Child Icon

Likewise Children can be filtered in separate count from Adults

Cloud Based Servers form the Analytics System

Traffic in and out of each location is compiled with multiple data sources to provide extensive and accurate information about all aspects of the business

Data can be displayed in real time on fully customisable, easy to understand, dashboards as well as customisable reports for any chosen location, time period and granularity with both graphical and tabulated representations.

Laptop and Phone

Fully Scaleable, GDPR Compliant Software


Cloud Based Secure Software Solution.

  • Hosted Amazon Solution
  • Access via any web browser - PC, Mac, Phone
  • 100% Anonymous - no Identification Possible

USer-friendly operation

  • Customisable Dashboard
  • Real Time Alerts and Notifications
  • Advanced User Levels

complete integration

  • Integrate into ERP and BI Systems
  • Data Export to Email and / or FTP Server 
  • Full API integration to 3rd Party Software. Example Point of Sale Software

Reports and Analytics

Our standard suite of professional reports displayed in multiple formats including graphs, bar charts, etc. provides real-time, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data. 

chart report
table style report

These are used by retail groups, libraries, local government assets, Universities and a wide variety of other organisations. 

Specialised reports, analytics and reporting / alert triggers can be generated and saved by users as required.

Report Delivery

Saved reports with hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly analytics. 

Comparative data can be run at any time via the web portal or scheduled to be sent automatically via email at a chosen time to your selected Staff.

View on PC’s, Tablets and Smartphones.

Reports to PC and Phone

This allows longer term results and indicators to be readily available to management to make informed decisions and to take quick corrective actions and adjustments as necessary.

Retained Data

All data is retained in secure customer portals and can be accessed by clients for later analysis using a wide range of reporting options.

Could Your Results Have Been Better?

Did you have the customer data needed to make management decisions in your business? 

Number of Visits Generated

  • Adult Visitors?
  • Child Visitors?
  • Family or Groups?

Number of Sales and Conversion Ratios

  • Per Visit
  • Per Transaction
  • Per Square Meter

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