shrine of remembrance

Shrine of Remembrance

People Counting Solution at Shrine of Remembrance, VIC

Melbourne’s iconic Shrine of Remembrance had been using traditional thermal door counters for several years, where visitor numbers were approximated based on the heat patterns detected below the sensors. We discussed upgrading this inaccurate tech with Cohera-Tech’s advanced AI and business analytics, and now provide detailed insights to the team about visitation and dwell in key areas of this historic site.

We were able to partner closely with the team at The Shrine to overcome several building and technology challenges, and provide more accurate detail than ever before to assist with the critical decision making in the operational of such an important and iconic venue.


Given the large numbers of school parties attending the site as part of their studies, the advanced AI in our equipment means the team there can now understand how many parties are visiting, and the split between adults and children who attend. This is particularly valuable when trying to establish the popularity of specific exhibitions and unique spaces created to drive community engagement.

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