People Counting in University & TAFE Colleges


Universities and TAFE colleges are like small cities and towns with a wide range of resources and services, that need to be managed for optimal community benefits and to balance the budget. Detailed understanding of visitor and user numbers allows staffing and maintenance schedules to be optimized and costs minimized.

Real Time visitor & Traffic Information, at your fingertips - 24 / 7

We empower Educational Institution Management & Staff with cutting edge visitor counting systems. 

We give you access to secure online sensor data and detailed reporting - via the most advanced cloud based analysis software available on the market today.

Monitoring visitor and traffic data and understanding trends provides you and your team members with critical Management Information, which can be used for asset maintenance,  effective delivery of services and even broader infrastructure control and planning.

We  deploy the smartest sensors capable of anonymous differentiation between Individuals and Groups - you can even count Cyclists, Cars and Pedestrian numbers. For all Public Outdoor Spaces and Indoor Facilities - you can count on Cohera-Tech! 
Live Visitor Count in Public Facility
Total Customer Visits Report
People Count Live Inside Venue Real Time
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  • Lecture Theaters
  • Science Laboritories
  • Campus Libraries and Resources
  • Meeting & Study Rooms
  • Pools, Sporting Facilities & Gymnasiums
  • Restaurants, Bars and Cafe's
  • Public Toilets and Refuse Facilities
  • Vehicle Parking, Street and Pavement Traffic
  • Campus Numbers IN and OUT
Laptop and Phone Detailing People Count Data

Anonymous though extremely smart sensors can even differentiate between Age and Gender

real time MONITORING

Real Time Visitor Data delivered to any device - phone, tablet or PC, 24 / 7


Optimise and Plan Staffing and other critical parameters that change with visitor levels & time of year.

budget & funding

Comprehensive Reporting on Visitor and Traffic Metrics for Budget and Funding Submission

categorised DATA SETS

Accurate Detailed Category Data - Adults, Children, Groups, Pedestrians, Vehicles plus Age and Gender Analytics

TAILORED reporting

Receive Accurate Reporting which can be tailored to your individual needs and specific staff member role.

integrate and compare

Monitor relationships between key data sets - correlate weather, temperature & seasonal results

How people Counting Works

Sensor Technology for University and TAFE Visitor Counting

Cohera-Tech use a range of cutting edge counting sensors to gather data at your desired locations. Data from one to hundreds of geographically diverse venues to be handled simultaneously. Sites can be grouped by specific criteria such as category or reported on individually.

Sensors are tuned remotely during installation to a high level of accuracy, typically in excess of 98%, to count the required visitor types and to send the raw data for analysis.

The Cohera-Tech cloud hosted reporting interface can be accessed via any device with an internet connection to create reports in graphical and tabulated formats, showing your visitor and customer traffic with selectable granularity.

Multiple user sub accounts can be created, with customisable permissions  to allow staff to access the relevant data for their role.

Vemcount Software Dashboard Display on Laptop and Phone

Targeted, Accurate and Anonymous Data Collection

Icon children adult and family groups

Advanced Sensors can accurately differentiate between Children, Adults and Family or other Groups

University & TAFE Visitor Counting & Analysis

People Counting System Schematic University and TAFE
When a visitor or group of visitors pass any point of interest at any venue, we deliver that real time activity to any phone, tablet or laptop  in under two seconds
People Count Data in under 2 seconds

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Custom reports can be generated and viewed via your cloud based web interface - any time, anywhere. Saved reports can be scheduled to be sent to senior management and selected support staff  -  detailing only their particular role-specific metrics. Get a Quick Overview of all Your Facilities or drill down for more detailed analysis of any place, touch point or area at any time. Every user is able to tailor their custom widgets based on Visitors, KPI's, Weather and Events

Sample Education Sector Reports

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Arm Yourself with Real Time Data and Alerts plus Historical  Attendance, Reporting & Analytics. Contact us to discover further how other regions are benefiting from People Counting and our Advanced Analytics.

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CAMPUSES Who Benefit from People Counting Technology

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Griffith University

Latrobe University

University of South Australia

University of Queensland

Auckland University of Technology

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