Occupancy detection and measurement is beneficial to understanding space usage and managing your business. We use people counting sensors to accurately count the number of people entering and exiting a space. Our cloud based analytics and reporting platform 'Vemcount' uses the data collected from the sensors to calculate occupancy and determine how a space is used.

So what is occupancy?
Occupancy is a calculated metric of how many people occupy a space at a given time.
It is measured using the following formula:

Occupancy = people entering - people leaving

The sensors we use to detect people take a variety of forms and can be deployed anywhere, from entrances, display and service areas, rooms, corridors, to individual desks. Data collected by each sensor is sent and stored securely on our Australian based data server.  Our cloud based reporting and analytics platform 'Vemcount' processes the information and calculates occupancy using real-time or historical data. 

Realtime (Live) Data:

Count data from each sensor is sent immediately to our server and processed by Vemcount in real-time to calculate instantly how many people are present i.e. the number of people inside a space now.

Historical Data:

Count data is collected by each sensor and sent at regular time intervals to our server. Occupancy reports are run in Vemcount to calculate the number of people inside a venue at a specific time period. Historical data can reveal trends in occupancy over days, weeks, months and years.


Knowing exactly how many people are inside your building, area, or room and how it is being used is a valuable source of information that can be put to practical use in a number of ways:

Better resource allocation

Optimise business operations by matching resources with occupancy data e.g. best times for scheduling venue cleaning and catering services

Save on Operational Costs

Reduce your utility costs for heating, air conditioning and lighting by understanding occupancy throughout the building and optimising use accordingly. e.g. HVAC and lighting systems operate where they are needed most

Increase safety and security

Occupancy data enables businesses to keep on top of overcrowding and ensure that spaces remain safe for employees and visitors

More efficient space usage

Businesses can assess whether spaces are being efficiently used and take steps to manage and allocate space more efficiently e.g. identify under-utilised and overcrowded areas to understand how much space is required

Improve business experience

Improve your business experience with consideration to ideal conditions for both customers and staff e.g. aligning staff scheduling with peak periods reducing queue times and work pressure on staff

Our people counting solution provides a comprehensive picture of occupancy with a high degree of accuracy, allowing you to easily monitor the occupancy rates of buildings, stores, breakout spaces, public areas and individual desks.

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