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THE People Counting and Advanced Analytics Specialists

We Deliver customer count & advanced ANALYTICS to your fingertips

Cohera-Tech deliver People Counting Data & Advanced Analytics to your Smartphone, Laptop & PC, wherever You are in the World - 24 / 7

Our systems provide you with essential management information and reports on client and visitor traffic needed for decision making in your business. 

Retail Groups

Sporting &
Service Clubs

Banks, Credit Unions
& Building Societies

Performing Arts
and Museums



Aquatic &
Recreation Centers

Universities & TAFES

Centers & More

Remote viewing of people count data

international operation and technical support

Based in Brisbane, Cohera-Tech has a huge network of thousands of counting sensor units, installed in hundreds of sites across Australia and New Zealand.

You're backed by a specialist company with 10+ years experience in providing accurate People Counting Solutions.

We install, support and service the most accurate and reliable 3D sensors available today. Our sensors can accurately differentiate between Children, Adult and even Groups of Visitors. 

Cohera-Tech sensor data from your site(s) is sent to our intelligent and secure  cloud based analytics software for you to use in your business. 

We deploy the latest sensors and deliver the smartest results.
You can rely on our data - even when the power goes out!


smart sensors

Cohera-Tech sensors can count Cars and other vehicles and even cyclists, in addition to people and pedestrians. 

we give you integrated data & reporting

Your data can be merged to provide a picture of integrated relationships between various key data sets - even correlate weather, temperature and seasonal results.

We empower you to gain deep insights into your operation, as well as understand the behaviour of consumers visiting your business - such as dwell time at the 'main display' or numbers using each point of sale.

Counting Adults, Children and Family Groups

Anonymous Counting: Adult, Children and Family Group Filtering 

anonymous data collection

Our sensors gather detailed though anonymous information  relating to Adult, Children and even Family Group numbers without the controversial involvement of facial recognition technology

age and gender recognition

Our unique range of sensors are able to classify customers by gender and age groups.

the latest STAFF EXCLUSION SENSOR technology

Your staff simply wear a lanyard with an attached chip that is recognised by the sensor as a staff count and not included in your analytics.

in business to help you do business

  • Improve Product Offerings, Marketing and Much More
  • Central Monitoring from Your Mobile, Laptop or PC
  • Deploy Staff More Efficiently
  • Track Sales Conversion Ratios
  • Evaluate the Effectiveness of Promotions - locally and nationally
  • Optimise Site / Store Layouts
  •  Minimise Queue Time and Increase Desirable Dwell Time and much, much more...

Explore the Latest People Counting Applications

Understand How, When, Where and Why Your Customers Interact with Your Business

Improve Your Outcomes with Comprehensive, Real Time and Historical  Customer Attendance Reporting & Analytics