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People Counting for Councils, Pools & Leisure Centres

Critical attendance information at your fingertips

We provide Aquatic & Leisure management and staff with cutting edge visitor counting systems, which feed real time data to advanced cloud based application software. 

 We empower you with advanced reporting and analytics aimed at helping you manage and improve the efficiency of your venue and your business.

Vemco People Counting Reports Phone and Laptop
Total Customer Visits Report
People Count Live Inside Venue Real Time
People Count Per Hour Report Live

Information that Drives Situational Awareness and Improves results

Advanced Reporting and Analytics for Staff and Management

Valuable Information for any Executive Team 

It is vital to know which facilities are currently being used and additionally have a thorough understanding of peak and low activity periods and times, for effective management of your operation.

On a broader scale, visitor numbers are also of particular interest to many Council Authorities, since leisure centres and pools are often managed by contracted organisations.

People Counting has many more operational, practical & safety benefits to Aquatic & Leisure businesses...

Vemcount Software Dashboard Display on Laptop and Phone

real time SAFETY

Real Time Numbers & Alerts ensure Safe Occupancy Levels


Monitor and Track Visitor Internal Use of Your Facility


Staff Mobile and Tablets receive critical alerts as required for your venue

events and groups

Measure Special Event and Group Attendance Levels as they happen and report on outcomes

maintenance scheduling

Better Plan Maintenance based on accurate historical data


Optimise and Plan Staffing and other critical parameters that change with attendance level needs


Receive Accurate Reporting which can be tailored to your individual needs.

event security

Plan Event Security Based on Accurate Predictions

Sample Aquatic & Leisure Centre Reports

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Arm Yourself with Real Time Data and Alerts plus Historical  Attendance, Reporting & Analytics. Contact us to discover further how other Venues are benefiting from People Counting and our Advanced Analytics.

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Explore reporting possibilities for your business

How people Counting Works

How our People Counting System works for Leisure, Aquatics and Council Applications

The Cohera-Tech system combines high quality 3D sensors with secure, encrypted cloud-based reporting and analysis application software. Management and staff benefit from a host of tailored information critical to their needs and responsibilities. Reports and real time information are tailored to your individual needs.

Targeted, Accurate and Anonymous Data Collection

Icon children adult and family groups

Advanced Sensors can accurately differentiate between Children, Adults and Family or other Groups

City Councils, Leisure Centres & Pools

System Schematic Council and Leisure Centres
When a visitor or group of visitors walk past any point of interest in any venue, we deliver that real time activity to any phone, tablet or laptop  in under two seconds
People Count Data in under 2 seconds

Typical Aquatic & Leisure Sensor Locations

  • Main Entry to Venue
  • Pool Area Entry and Exit Points
  • Member Areas, Gymnasiums and Cafes 
  • Group entry (Special side entry for groups of school children into pool area)
Customer Numbers Report on Tablet

Consult with an Aquatic &
Leisure Centre Specialist

Critical Features required by Aquatic & Leisure Centres

Aquatic Centre Managers surveyed indentify the critical features required for their counting system as:

  • Counting Accuracy
  • Separate counts for adults and children
  • Maintaining venue population counts
  • Real-time counts being delivered to selected staff via their smart phones and tablets
  • Automated venue capacity “alerts” for preset levels

Just a few Centres Who Benefit from People Counting Technology

City of Armidale

Waves Leisure Centre
Kingston Council


City of Sterling

Leisurelink  Aquatic Geelong

Gold Coast Aquatic Centre
City of Gold Coast

City of Mackay

Glen Eira
Aquatic & Leisure


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