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Winston Hills Mall

People Counting Solution at Winston Hills Mall , NSW

Located in Sydney's Hills District, Winston Hills Mall has over 60 specialty shops and 24,000sm of retail floor space. Winston Hills Mall centre management approached Cohera-Tech for a cost effective and easy to use reporting solution to help measure mall performance by monitoring visitor traffic and centre occupancy.

We installed multiple overhead people counters at all entry/exit points throughout the centre using 4G connectivity to send count data to our cloud-hosted reporting system. This resulted in quick and low cost deployment, reducing the need for additional cabling throughout the mall.

Our cloud-based reporting system allows centre management to access and analyse data 24/7 from any internet connected device. The system features customisable dashboards and reports in both tabular and graphical formats, enabling centre staff to obtain a quick snapshot of mall performance indicators and generate key performance reports on the fly. Reports can also be downloaded in various formats at the touch of a button for further analysis or communication to stakeholders.

Nicole Galea, Marketing Manager at Winston Hills Mall explains the benefits of the Cohera-Tech system:

We are very pleased with our new people counting system from Cohera-Tech. This system enables us to monitor the mall occupancy level in real-time, identify popular times of day, and compare daily, weekly and monthly data. The interface is easy to use and the people counters themselves are discreet and the installation process was stress free. One of the most useful features we enjoy using is the traffic heat map - this graphically identifies the most popular mall entry points at various times of the day on the centre map. This helps us to provide detailed information to our tenants and allows us to effectively manage the day-to-day operations of the shopping centre.

At Cohera-Tech, we offer the most advanced, accurate and reliable people counting devices in the market with a typical count accuracy in excess of 99%. Combined with market leading real-time analytics and reporting software, our people counting solution provides shopping centre management and retailers with the necessary tools to effectively monitor centre performance.