In response to recent media articles highlighting privacy matters associated with facial recognition technology being used in some retail stores in Australia, Cohera-Tech Managing Director Kevin Ford stated:

“Cohera-Tech is a leader in the field of people counting and analytics. In conjunction with our international business partners Vemco and Xovis, we utilise the latest technology in venues across Australia and New Zealand to help our customers understand their visitors’ behaviour with levels of accuracy that exceed 99%.

All of our technology collects visitor data anonymously. Overhead sensors identify movement of “3 dimensional objects” through the area below the device, and the device’s artificial intelligence is configured to detect and record “3D shapes that match those of people”. This information is then logged as a numerical count only. No personal information is collected, and the 3D images are not stored. The logged numerical counts are encrypted and sent securely to our world class VemCount platform for reporting and analysis.

Cohera-Tech has never utilised mobile phone, wi-fi or facial recognition technology in its business of capturing visitor data, and is committed to ensuring the highest levels of privacy, integrity and trust for its customers and the millions of visitors who move through their venues every day.”