Understanding Customer Behaviour

Managing changing customer behaviour & preferences in a Post–COVID world

The impact of lockdowns, reduced capacity levels and physical distancing have changed the way that the majority of Australian consumers are behaving.

The acute effects of COVID on business may have passed, but the chronic impacts on the way people think and feel about being amongst crowds haven’t.

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Source: McKinsey & Company

Consumer behaviour has changed in the wake of 2 years of COVID impacts

A McKinsey survey published in Oct 2022 highlighted the following:

  • Nearly two-thirds of Australians are engaged in normal out-of-home activities, three in five with modified behaviour
  • 50-70% of Australian consumers are engaging with modified behaviour in categories including shopping, entertainment, travel and social gathering
  • 56% of consumers switched brands or retailers in the last three months; more than 80% of them intend to continue the behaviour

The impact of lockdowns, reduced capacity levels and physical distancing have changed the way that

60% of people have changed their behaviour when shopping, dining or experiencing entertainment.

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