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Shopping Centre Management Trends

I have just returned from a visit to Europe to study the latest trends in Shopping Centre Management, their customer counting and the analytics tools used by innovative Centre Managers.


In particular I spent a lot of time with our partners Vemco who specialise in providing the cloud based software and reporting analytics used by many of our customers here in Australia.

Vemco Group lead the field in Europe and provide analytics to massive shopping centres and world famous brands on a daily basis - so we have a lot we can learn from them.

The bullet point list below gives an indicator of the data set and real time information that is currently available to Shopping Centre Managers in Europe. 

Imagine having that sort of information to hand in your own shopping centre!

The software causing the most excitement at the moment in Europe is "Managing Tenant Data". 

Software that automatically requests daily tenant sales data and incorporates it into the Centre's Analytics.

This saves Centre Management time and avoids the irritation at tenant level in having to provide the sales information that forms part of their tenancy costs.

People Counting Report on Laptop


  • Gender identification and analysis
  • Family group identification and analysis
  • Understand captive and conversion rates
    (i.e. what is the amount spend per visitor?)
  • Rank stores based on visitor numbers and sales data performance
  • Motivate stores by sharing ranking and sales reports with them
  • Improve sales performance at store level by delivering valuable reports based on KPI
  • Analyse hot and cold spots in malls based on customer flow
  • Track customer journeys
  • Measure occupancy of the mall's floors/zones in real-time
  • Understand visitor traffic patterns across different time periods from a single to multiple malls
  • Determine which sections are most popular and which are mostly avoided
  • Understand how major anchor stores impact shopper traffic
  • Optimise staffing, maintenance and security based on traffic predictions
  • Measure the time customers are spending at the shopping mall
  • Automatic Tennant revenue data collection
  • Tennant Revenue Reports by store and by category
  • Tennant overdue revenue data report

Reports showing visitor counts in segments are sent live to Centre Managers smart phones and tablets and followed by email reports at scheduled times.

These reports displayed in easy to understand graphs and bar charts (shown below) are repeated for each week, month and year and the information retained in our customer portal for comparative analysis.

Cohera-Tech utilise the latest reporting software used in major shopping centres and international airports throughout Europe. 

Manager Viewing Reports on Phone with Coffee

The software can be integrated with shop / tenant POS systems for an unrivalled performance analysis system.