Attendance Monitoring of Public and Commercial Places

Live Attendance Stream

Provision of Live attendance streams to a website or device can arm You and Your Customers and Visitors with information to better utilise your properties.


Live Attendance Stream to Websites

The big news here is “live streaming” of attendance data is now possible to live websites for prospective customers to evaluate before leaving home.

Council Facilities, Retail Malls, Public Centers such as aquatic centers and leisure centers plus libraries - all places of interest and destinations for the general public. 

Value add to your properties and their public appeal by providing smarter services for your customers to determine which campus, library or indeed mall would be best to visit and when over-crowding might be offset by a decision to attend at another more suitable time.

  • Is it Busy or Quiet?
  • Will I have to wait long?
  • What Impact is the weather having?
  • What Impact has an event had?
  • What Campus should I go to?
  • Will my favourite study spot be free?
Woman Sitting at Laptop on Phone
Reports to PC and Phone

Data is monitored by anonymous people counting  sensors, aggregated and analysed by cloud based servers. A live stream can then be sent to an app or website for users and / or a particular manager / responsible person to view. 

At the same time this data is collected and retained to provide real time and historical analysis by management and executive teams - reported in graph, bar chart,pie chart and excel formats.

Tracking Numbers of People in Public Pools and Spaces
Many Councils now require extensive reporting on usage results as well as an assurance that venue rated occupancy limits are not exceeded.

Attendance personnel and on-site managers can receive instant alerts when numbers are at or approaching threshold limits. 

Cohera-Tech’s monitoring and reporting systems have met and exceeded legal requirements.

Better Library and Campus Utilisation

Libraries and their collections are a major resource asset for City and Shire Councils. They are changing rapidly to meet new communication media and adapting to a role as a community space offering much more than book lending and information. 

People and Attendance Tracking - People in Library and Public Place

The old measure of effectiveness in numbers of books borrowed is no longer an accurate measure of utilisation. 

 The new measure of effectiveness tracks the number of adults and children using the library, the times they visit and how long they stay. 

Importantly this information via a web feed can allow the customer to be integral in decisions over where and when spaces are best utilised