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With the Cohera-Tech visitor counting system, you can track the number of visitors to the centre hourly; keep a population count to determine how many visitors are in the Centre at any point in the day and can provide separate counts for children and adults. This allows Centre Managers to monitor the results and effectiveness of advertising and promotional activity in additional visitor traffic and store visits.

 Cohera-Tech installs a range of accurate counting sensors at entrances able to count visitor numbers accurately and to determine the direction of movement in and out of the centre. The information is beamed from the equipment to cloud based servers for analysis and daily reports showing visitor counts in hourly segments is emailed to the Centre Managers every day.

These daily reports displayed in easy to understand graphs and bar charts (shown below) are repeated for each week, month and year and the information retained in our customer portal for comparative analysis.

We use the latest reporting software used in major shopping centres and international airports throughout Europe which can be integrated with shop / tenant systems for an unrivaled performance measuring system.

Shopping centre people counting

Shopping centres worldwide are using people counting to inform centre stores and to track the conversion rate of actual spend per visitor. Retail stores using customer counters are able to monitor their success in attracting store visits as a percentage of total centre visitor numbers and their own in-store conversion rate of sales visits.

Complex data collection and huge Excel files and time consuming analysis are now history!