safe occupancy levels

Occupancy Counting & Real Time Safety Alerting System

Helping Retailers & Venues Comply with Safe Customer Occupancy Limits

Due To The COVID-19 Crisis, The Australian Government Has Imposed Restrictions And Limits On The Number Of People That Can Gather In One Place, Such As Supermarkets, Shops, Pharmacies and Public Facilities.

The latest Cohera-Tech Counting Systems gives you accurate real time people counts  in your building for Social Distancing compliance. You can limit additional entries via passive entrance screen displays and importantly issue instant alerts to relevant staff members when limits are approached or exceeded.

Friendly Real Time Entryway Permission Status Display

how people counting works

smart sensors

Highly Accurate People Counting Sensors are Placed At Entrance And Exit Points plus other strategic points of Value to Your Operation.

Our smart sensors can differentiate between adults and children and the system can even report on Family or other Groups -  as well as the total occupancy level. 

Staff can be optionally excluded from Occupancy Counts as required.

secure cloud based analytics

Sensor data is then fed to secure cloud based servers for immediate processing by our world leading analysis and reporting software. 

The Cohera-tech system operates in real-time with instant updating of Entrance Signage, PC's, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones. 

real time signage updates with instant SAFETY ALERTs to mobile devices

You receive live real time accurate numbers on your customer dashboard.  

The system allows your management team to set occupancy limits and entrance signage screens are automatically activated to allow additional customers to be invited to enter when occupancy levels allow.

The system allows for minimal Customer Irritation and Frees Staff For More Productive Roles. no unnecessary Supervision of Entry Queues. 

Security Staff need only Become Involved when responding to A Compliance Alert.

safe occupancy levels maintained

Safe Occupancy is Fast and Easy to Deploy in Your Business

Cohera-Tech Safety Count Benefits

real time ​SAFETY

Real Time Numbers & Alerts ensure Highly Accurate and Safe Occupancy Levels

cost efficie​nt

Reduce Staff Costs by Eliminating the need to monitor entry and exit points.


Full reporting suite and analytics delivered in real time to selected smartphones and PC’s worldwide.

management control

User Defined and Variable Occupancy limits.


Staff Mobile and Tablets receive critical alerts as required for your business

exclude staff from counts

Optionally Include or Exclude Your Staff from Live Occupancy Counts and Reporting


Your Data is retained for record keeping and ongoing analysis

power outages covered

Local Power or PC outages are no problem

More Than People Counting

Your Customisable Dashboard

Get a Quick Overview of all Your Stores or drill down for more detailed analysis at any time and place.

Store Managers can easily monitor and analyse footfall and occupancy data at any time, as well as create reports.

Saved reports can be scheduled to be sent to senior managers and individual stores can receive reports detailing only their particular store metrics.

Possibility exists for full tracking and social distancing analytics, heat maps and queue management for daily usage.

Every user is able to tailor their custom widgets based on Visitors, KPI's, Weather, Events and more

Sample Retail Industry Reports

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Arm Yourself with Real Time Data and Alerts plus Historical  Attendance, Reporting & Analytics. Contact us to discover further how other Retailers are benefiting from People Counting and our Advanced Analytics.

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