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Accurate customer counting and occupancy calculations are important in sporting and RSL Clubs where the ratio between members and non-members determines the level of tax paid by the club.The tendency for patrons to arrive in groups or bunches means that conventional beam style counting systems tend to under-count the number entering, resulting in the club paying more tax than they should. Cohera-Tech overcomes this problem with the range of Video Counting sensors, which are set to monitor a wide entrance area and identify the number of individuals even in large groups. Cohera-Tech Video Counting sensors are also used in a wide range of other hospitality venues including airport lounges to measure both inward and outward customer traffic flow and the occupancy rate / number of patrons in the venue on an hour by hour basis.This is an important factor in setting optimum staffing levels, with this management information factor alone paying for the service and equipment over and over again.The count data  is sent directly  to Cohera-Tech cloud based servers which develop daily reports in graph, bar chart and spread sheet formats showing the customer traffic and occupancy levels in one hour segments. These reports are automatically emailed to the club or venue manager and nomionated team members at nominated intervals (daily,weekly and monthly).Multiple sites and venues can be monitored at the same time with reports generated independently and in combined information formats. Ideal for the CEO / manager of a number of venues where each venue manger receives their own daily report and the CEO receives reports from all venues as well as a combined, all venues version. Daily, weekly and monthly!  Discrete monitoring is achieved by the small size of the video counting units mounted on ceilings and patrons are not aware of the counting system in action.


Accurate member / visitor counting and reporting is essential for tax records in member owned sporting and social clubs, as well as for management information to optimize staffing numbers and to gauge the success of advertising and entertainment on attendance. Cohera-Tech systems not only track customer traffic flow, in and out but also report on the critical occupancy levels showing the number of people in the venue in each hour of the day.