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Cohera-Tech is a specialist company with 10+ years experience in providing accurate People Counting solutions to businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand . Our systems provide essential management information and reports on people traffic needed for decision making in Shops, Shopping Centers, Sporting & Service Clubs, Banks, Building Societies, Credit Unions, Libraries, Government buildings and Resources, Museums, Performing Arts venues ,Sports centers, Property Industry Display Homes and more.

  • Retail Store Customer counting
  • Shopping Centre visitor analysis
  • Sporting Club Member / visitor counting
  • Venue Occupancy calculation
  • Display Home visitor counting
  • Access accurate in depth data regarding the number of visitors entering your business locations with breakdowns over time and site
  • Track Sales Conversion ratios
  • Accurately plan staffing levels
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of promotions
  • Evaluate which sections of your store are attracting the most traffic
  • 3D Overhead Video counting
  • Wireless People counting
  • Battery powered beam sensors
  • Retained historical data in the cloud
  • Public Building & Library patron counting

Leading businesses are using Cohera-Tech Ltd People Counting Systems to better understand how many potential customers visit their stores. Our people counter systems will deliver the management information you need to make informed decisions and improve the efficiency of your operation. Acting on the information obtained from our systems will help you better serve your customers, target your spending on advertising and marketing, enhance the effectiveness of your staff along with improving the facilities you provide​.

Some Benefits of people counting

Cohera-Tech offers a range of affordable, accurate customer / people tracking systems using video and beam sensor technology, which can operate stand-alone or link to our cloud based servers. With a hosted system, visitor tracking and counting results are shown for each hour and are available “in the cloud” so you can access them wherever you are, from any device with a web browser and internet connection. Reports can also be delivered by a daily, weekly and monthly email report displayed in easy to understand graphs, bar charts and spread sheets

OUR Systems

Cohera-Tech Cloud Based People Counting Systems Can Offer:​ 

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